Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

The Truth About Data Recovery Is About To Be Revealed.

When you build your own thing from the ground up that expects problems. well you can have a different experience so what Serge is doing data recovery right now in their software is he’s running a diagnostic test on the drive to determine. what exactly the firmware problem is so this process takes a couple of minutes and what it’s doing. it’s going through and it’s finding any discrepancies and the firmware of this drive compared to what’s supposed to be there and then.

It’s overriding them and that doesn’t make it so the drive loses any data no no okay so, now all that’s left is power down the drive touch interface nice touch. then theoretically we pop this guy back into our drive dock here and now oh I thought I heard sorry okay power on the drive. Hey there it is oh that’s way faster of course though the acid test is a file copy can we get data off of this drive.

Now now that discovery process is going faster. hey there we go this is much better awesome here we go there we go fantastic so with the rapid bar. we went from not being able to copy the data at any kind of reasonable speed to now. we are copying all the Linkedin data off this drive now one of these guys does cost about, so end-users aren’t expected to buy one but since it’s so simple to use. if you the end-user can find a shop that has one you should expect to pay about bucks for a recovery.

Data Recovery

That it can handle so I mean maybe that’s still not worth it for photos of that night of binge drinking or whatever but if your tax records and your will are on your hard drive. it’s worth considering in scenario number four we’re gonna see another solution. that you can actually try at home and this time without any specialized tools all we need is a USB Drive doc our drive and a computer so this is an example of logical corruption. we’re gonna go ahead and plug in our drive and power it on and you’re gonna see something that you might have seen before so this can be caused by accidental formatting viruses or Windows errors see this you need to format.

The disk and drive D but hold on a second I had data on this okay step number one don’t click format. then we’re gonna use a software called our studio but there are actually free options out there that are somewhat similar. we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna click on our drive here we’re gonna double click empty space and if it’s not actually a hardware issue so no bad sectors and look at this here’s all our files they are ready for recovery fantastic this type of software can also help us.

Diagnose scenario number five so the thing is is that unless you drop it or something a hard drive doesn’t generally go from working perfectly to completely dead in an instant-read instability almost always comes first and these types of drives these mostly dead drives that haven’t fully failed yet make up. the majority of cases that get sent in for data recovery the symptoms of these drives can include not being detected in the BIOS preventing the computer from booting spitting out random errors. well just getting so slow that you can’t do anything with them anymore you shouldn’t have any noticeable knocking or clicking yet and that exactly the situation.

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