Monday Aug 08, 2022

How To Data Recovery Your Personal Files On A Broken Smartphone

You’ve seen it twirled through the air in slow motion before bouncing three to four times on the cobblestones. And there, time stopped. “Did he survive? When I go down and pick it up, will it still be in working order?” We have all experienced this situation at least once with our smartphones, and it is never easy. 

When you get your phone back, you realize that its screen is completely shattered . Unable to read anything. What will happen to this Data Recovery that you cannot easily recover, such as your texts or your contacts?

A smartphone with a broken screen does not cease to be a smartphone. Most of the time (unless you drowned it out at the same time) all other components are in working order. 

The only problem is that you cannot see what is happening on the screen, and therefore interact with your device. Fortunately, many smartphones support the fact of connecting an external screen and thus seeing what is happening there.

If this is not the case, or if your smartphone still has a micro USB connector, you have a second hope: the MHL interface . This was created before the DisplayPort of USB 3.0 to support connection to an external screen by some manufacturers, including Samsung. If your smartphone Twitter is compatible, you can therefore use an adapter using this technology.

If your smartphone is compatible with DisplayPort or MHL, all you need to do is find a USB C to HDMI adapter (or MHL equivalent) at any retailer. These usually don’t cost much and can be useful for tons of different products, so it’s not a bad investment.

Mike Steward

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