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How To Data Recovery Services And Retrieve Deleted Data

The interface of this Data Recovery Services program is very simple, especially since a version in Russian is available. It is unlikely that you will encounter any difficulties while working with the program. Piriform Recuva is also very convenient because the search result for deleted Data Recovery Services can be sorted by type: text documents, videos, music, pictures and other types of files. This greatly simplifies the process of finding and recovering deleted data from a damaged hard drive. And one more significant advantage – the program is absolutely free.

Download and install the program, run it, and then follow these steps:

  • in the wizard window that opens, click the “Next” button if you want to follow its instructions, and if not, click “Cancel”
  • select the “Actions” tab and go to “Settings”. Specify recovery options in “Settings”. It is best to select the “Deep analysis” function. With its help, you can not only correctly detect deleted data and a large number of objects for recovery, but also find those files that were lost a long time ago
  • Check the “Restore folder structure” box. This is necessary to place the recovered data in the same place on the disk from where they were deleted, otherwise they will be placed in the “Unknown folder” created by the program
  • save the selected settings
  • go back to the main menu
  • indicate the drive on which the data to be recovered is located, it is advisable to mark the type of files
  • click on the “Analyze” button
  • after the end of the analysis process, a list of data available for recovery will appear (files that can be recovered will be marked with a green mark). Click on the desired file in the list and view its contents
  • check the boxes for all the files you need to restore
  • Specify the directory where the recovered file will be placed (it is best to create a folder on the desktop for the recovered data)
  • click on the “Restore” button
  • wait for the recovery process to finish
  • after the completion of this process, the program will display a message with the results of the work if the process was successful
Data Recovery Services

View the recovered data. Deleted files recovered with Piriform Recuva are rarely saved with the original name, most often the program replaces the names with numbers. Partially recovered files cannot be reanimated and should be deleted immediately.

How to recover and retrieve deleted data from a damaged hard drive using Zero Assumption Recovery :

Another equally good program for recovering deleted data is Zero Assumption Recovery, just go ZAR. Unfortunately, unlike the previous utility, this program is shareware, that is, its free version has a limit of folders that can be restored – it is allowed to restore no more than four folders at a time.

The paid version of the program differs from the free version only in that you can recover folders with lost Twitter data without any restrictions. Therefore, if you have time and patience, but do not want to spend quite a lot of money on downloading a program, and you need to restore a lot of folders, then you will have to restore data in several passes.

The only drawback of Zero Assumption Recovery is covered by its significant advantages – with the help of this program, you can recover data not only after mechanical damage to the hard drive, but even after formatting it or reinstalling the operating system. 

Mike Steward

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