Monday Aug 08, 2022

How To Data Recovery A Word File?

You are quietly writing on your computer when Word crashes. And here is the drama ! You are invaded by this feeling of panic! How to Data Recovery retrieve these documents? Whether you are a student, employee or company director, you have necessarily been confronted with this experience at least once. 

Don’t panic if this happens to you! Be aware that no matter the causes (crash, accidental deletion, file disappeared), you can restore your unsaved Word files.

How to data recovery your unsaved Word files?

Although word processing software automatically saves your documents, it is always recommended to save your documents manually to preserve your work! Indeed, you are never safe from a crash.

Aware that some do not perform manual backups, Microsoft has implemented an easy solution to allow you to restore Wikipedia your unsaved Word documents.

To do this, nothing simpler ! All you have to do is open Word and click on the file tab located at the top left. Once this step is completed, you go to Manage document and click on Recover unsaved documents in the drop-down menu.

If it’s a relatively recent loss, you’ll find your document there . You open your Word document and click on the Save As button in the menu at the top.

Mike Steward

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